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Customer service and technical service center is dedicated to provide users with related products based on "Huateng" technology solutions, including system planning, free technical support and free training services, enabling customers to master the frozen liquid (water) system and cognitive unit in normal operation. The concept of "meticulous" service has permeated the daily routine of no staff.

Service tenet: understanding and meeting customer needs is the starting point and ultimate goal of "Hua Wei service".

Scope of service: technical consultation, technical support, equipment maintenance and training services.

Service Management: the company has established a cloud management system based on network classification technology and regional after-sale technical engineers to effectively ensure the normal operation of each customer's terminal equipment.

Service personnel: each after-sales engineer has been through strict technical services, professional training guidance and many years of maintenance and installation service experience.

Parts guarantee: the establishment of important parts and accessories classification inventory management mechanism, import parts qualified supplier evaluation guarantee system, to ensure timely and high quality parts supply.

Service feedback: the establishment of independent technical services and customer complaints hotline, in strict accordance with the company after-sales service process provisions, start customer remote supervision and management program and color identification, customer complaints management plan.

Customer service technical service department solemn commitment: after receiving the client information after 1 to 2 hours to make effective answers and make reasonable solving plan, a working day regional customer service Service Engineer arrived within the customer designated service point.

National toll free hotline: 400-807-1208

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