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In line with the principle of "providing customers with the most satisfactory products and services" ,

Huazhao promise seriously : Improve service quality while ensuring the advanced, reliability and stability of equipment ; From selling to after-sales delivery, debugging, equipment maintenance management, technical services, user technical training and other aspects , Ensure that customers can get the best service and satisfication.

1.     Ensure that the packaging of the equipment meets the requirements of moisture-proof, rainproof, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and shockproof, so as to ensure the goods can arrive at customer’s place safely and timely.

2.       High quality, efficient technical service to better ensure the normal operation of equipment, answer user questions timely, to help users solve the problem, the company and the regional after-sales maintenance center network, is responsible for the regional equipment installation, test, training and other technical advisory services. The after-sales center is responsible for providing free technical consulting services to customers at any time

Within half an hour after receiving the call from the user, I will reply in a timely manner, and within 12 hours of the Shanghai and zhejiang province, the rest of the country will go to the scene within 24 hours.

The after-sales center of the company is open 24 hours after the after-sales service, and the professional engineers will accept the customers' words and make sure that the users will get the technical support in the process of using the equipment

3.       Free debugging and training for users

4.       The engineer is responsible for the installation, commissioning, opening and testing of the site equipment.

After the equipment is successfully debugged, the supplier shall provide the test result to the user in writing, and the supplier can evacuate the site after obtaining the consent of the user.

5.       Regular inspection

Our company will inspect the inspection system as one of the routine maintenance work, that is, the company organizes every half year to run the equipment inspection . The company's inspection engineers are mainly engaged in the design. Listen to the problems and Suggestions of user maintenance personnel, and improve the software and hardware functions and quality of the products.

6.       Warranty period

Warranty period: the warranty period of the contract shall be 12 months after the successful installation and commissioning

7.       Lifelong maintenance and Guarantee the benefits of user 

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